Fashion Week Diaries: A day in the life of New York Fashion Week model Lily Stewart


We're more than halfway done with New York Fashion Week. Thus far, we've seen romantic Rodarte in the rain, a glamourous adventure lead by Jonathan Simkhai and a beautiful homage by kate spade to their late designer. We suspect the final half will be as beautiful -- and as hectic -- as the first.

The busiest week in fashion doesn't come together by chance. Hairstylists face weeks of preparation, while the designers themselves see every aspect through and through, down to the very last detail.

Likewise, the models face stressful auditions, crazy fittings and the-night-before call backs.

As glamorous as it is crazy, it's not easy to survive NYFW. One model is taking us behind-the-scenes to see how she really prepares for 8 days of shows. Watch the video above to see Fashion Week from the eyes of model Lily Stewart in today's episode of Fashion Week Diaries.

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