Kate Spade honored at NYFW with touching tribute


Kate Spade's creative influence continues to be remembered by the fashion world three months after her death.

It's the first Fashion Week since the designer's tragic suicide this past June. And as the fashion world struggles to make sense of her passing, her namesake brand paid homage to the legacy the 55-year-old designer left behind.

While the designer herself hasn't been involved with the brand since 2007, Thursday's show included many references to Spade's trademark aesthetics: Each seat was adorned with the quote "she left a little sparkle everywhere she went" while glitter lined the runway.

It was the first time in the past few years that the company opted for a runway show instead of a presentation. It was also the first show for the brand's new creative director Nicola Glass, who succeeded Deborah Llyod after she resigned last fall.

Even her designs somewhat paid homage to Spade, with her signature print, retro-bright colors, preppy frills and trademark bags commanding attention.

“Everything I do with the team is a legacy to Kate and her spirit," explained Glass, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

But each creation had a new spin. “Prints are also something the brand was known for, but I wanted them to look unexpected," she explained. "The last look, when you look up close you can see a lip in the middle of the flower. Florals are hand-drawn like with a felt-tip, taking on different textures or saturations.”

Scroll through above to see all the looks from the collection.

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