10 ways you can avoid tick bites this summer


Ah, summer, you've been missed. We've been, er, itching for warmer days, weekend getaways and patio barbecues. Our days are soon to be exploding with afternoon happy hours, days on the lake, outdoor concerts and time with family and friends. If you couldn't tell, we cannot wait for summer to officially start.

But, 'tis the season for ticks and mosquitoes, both of which experts say will be worse than before. If Lyme disease isn't enough to worry about, there's a scary virus on the rise -- and it's concerning health professionals across the nation.

The Powassan virus (POW) is much worse than Lyme disease, partially because of its devastating health effects like brain swelling, disability or even death, which accounts for 10 percent of all cases. And while it can take a tick nearly a day to pass on Lyme disease, POW can be transferred to a host in as little as 15 minutes.

Although most POW cases have been reported in the Great Lakes and Northeast, everyone should know how to protect themselves from ticks. From the type of socks to wear to the types of flowers to plant, here's how you can protect yourself.

Scroll through below to learn 10 smart ways to protect yourself against ticks:

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