Mosquitoes and ticks will be especially bad this summer

By Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Prepare to get eaten alive by mosquitoes this summer.

Experts blame the wacky weather across the country since winter wasn't as cold as it should have been. The warm, wet spring is making 2017 the perfect storm for insects.

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The National Pest Management Association just released its "bug barometer," based on past and current weather patterns, and it's a doozy.

Virtually all of the U.S. -- besides the Pacific Northwest -- will see mosquitoes and ticks earlier than usual. And there will also be more of them.

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Simply put, more insects can survive a mild winter, meaning there will be more around to bite us in the coming spring and summer. They'll also be able to keep breeding in the warmer months. The same logic applies to ticks, which carry Lyme disease.

On top of all that, forecasters report that all the rain across most of the country will drive cockroaches and other pests into your home.

If you want to keep your home from turning into an insect hotel, make sure to clear out any standing water. Clean those rain gutters, as well as flower pots and old tires.

Be sure to cover yourself in lots of repellant early on too -- or else you could be looking at a very itchy summer.

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