Wellness Wednesdays: Weeknight Wellness


This episode of Wellness Wednesdays, a weekly series to check in on your overall wellbeing and help you live life as your best self, is sponsored by Buick.

Raising kids would be so much easier if you didn't have to feed them -- or if they actually liked their greens!

Dr. Karen Latimer, mom of 5, knows all too well how hectic weeknight dinners can get, from satisfying picky eaters to managing conflicting schedules and work responsibilities. "Time is a hot commodity these days," she explains.

But even a meal thrown together at the last minute is still better for you than takeout, which is often expensive and unhealthy, no matter the cuisine. So, Dr. Latimer often keeps some healthy "shortcuts" on hand to simplify dinnertime.

Watch the video above to see all her healthy meal tricks that the whole family will love!

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