Wellness Wednesdays: Fit fam


This episode of Wellness Wednesdays, a weekly series to check in on your overall wellbeing and help you live life as your best self, is sponsored by Buick.

You've heard it all before.

Weight loss is only one of the many benefits of exercise. Not only does physical activity help you maintain a healthy weight, combat aging and reduce heart disease, it decreases stress and improves mood.

We get it: You know you should be exercising more, but how do you find the time? Dr. Karen Latimer, mom of 5, knows that it's not always easy to squeeze in a workout, especially during the week. So, she suggests getting creative.

"If you allow yourself time to make excuses, your routine will quickly go by the wayside," the expert explains.

Watch the video above to learn about Dr. Latimer's best tips to help with motivation, working out with friends and trying different exercise routines.

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