Wellness Wednesdays: Well-traveled

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This episode of Wellness Wednesdays, a weekly series to check-in on your overall wellbeing and help you live life as your best self, is sponsored by Buick.

Sure, travel is good for the soul, but did you know that it also has a plethora of health benefits as well?

Studies have shown that traveling decreases stress, while boosting happiness and creativity. Not only does it provide benefits for physical and mental health, but it can lower one's risk of a heart attack -- even death

Dr. Karen Latimer knows all too well that sometimes, however, traveling with families can be overwhelming. With 5 kids of her own, Latimer has become a pro packer over the years, managing everyone's needs into just the right amount of carry-ons.

Whether for road trips or long plane rides, Latimer is letting us in on a few tips to help us prepare for an easier trip. From mini emergency kits to the smartest toys to schlepp, jet lag tips to the clothing essentials, Latimer knows her stuff.

Watch the video above to see the ultimate packing list every family must know before their next big trip.

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