This NYC bar is donating money spent on drinks to a charity of your choice

By: Nick Cardona, Buzz60

When President Donald Trump was elected, protests erupted across the country. Even three months into his administration, they're still popping up in cities throughout the U.S.

One bar in New York City has a unique way to be politically active by donating the money you spend on your drink to a charity of your choice. It's all happening at the newly opened bar Coup.

Here's how it works. You order your drink and get a wooden token.

You can take the token to one of the jars that are set up at the bar and pick the organization you want to support, such as the ACLU or Planned Parenthood.

You drop the token in and enjoy the rest of your drink. The owner of the bar, Ravi DeRossi, told Thrillist his bar isn't anti-Trump, but just pro-charity.

Scroll through to see our favorite politicos as cookies:

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