The history of the Peep, Easter's most beloved candy

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

The peep is the most beloved Easter candy around. So much so that over a billion marshmallow treats are produced during an Easter season. But where did they come from and how did they become the unofficial easter basket mascot?

Russian-born confectioner Sam Born founded Just Born in 1917. The company eventually grew and bought Rodda Candy Company, the original makers of the Peep.

It took Rodda 27 hours to make the peeps, a process Born got down to 6 minutes! That's a lot of time saved and likely how the company brought the sugary goodness to mass production.

The original peep had wings but, clearly not one to be slowed down, Born de-winged the chicks to speed up the automation.

The bunny peep was brought to market in the 60's and, while the company produces peeps for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays, its chick peep is the most popular.

Peeps aren't just for eating though. The company says the candy is good for decoration and are often used in Easter arts and crafts. They also help make great fun facts, such as this: it would take 1,464 peep bunnies to reach the height of lady liberty.

Tis the season of the Peep!