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The holiday season can make us feel anxious or stressed in terms of finding the perfect gift for someone on your list. Whether it be your significant other, coworker, family or friend, finding something that will appeal to their taste can be a daunting task. You want to pick something that is thoughtful -- but useful -- and not over the top.
One of the most timeless and thoughtful gifts of all time? A coffee table book. Not only is it a great conversation starter and beautiful art piece, it also provides hours of reading -- a hardcover you'll want to revisit over and over again. Best of all, you can find all of these great books on Amazon.

Humans of New York Stories by Brandon Stanton
Humans of New York Stories by Brandon Stanton

For anyone: Humans of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton
What started off as a blog, Humans of New York now has a collection of some of the most heartfelt, funny and inspiring stories in their hardcover book. With over 400 portraits of some of the most eclectic spirits of the city, this book is perfect for anyone on your list.

For the FOODIE: Heritage by Sean Brock
Winner of the James Beard Foundation Award (Best Book of the Year in American Cooking), this NYT bestseller aims to preserve the heritage foods of the South. Sean Brock's interpretation of southern comfort food favorites, mixed with an array of high-end restaurant food, is perfect inspiration for when you're cooking just for yourself or entertaining a group of friends.

For the FASHION enthusiast: GRACE: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue by Grace Coddington
In this reissued special edition, the 408-page collective showcases the legendary fashion stylist's greatest work. Not only does it show Grace Coddington's definitive collection as a fashion stylist and sittings editor but it also highlights 30 years of British and American Vogue's best work. Perfect for the Vogue devotee.

The Iconic Photographs by Steve McCurry
The Iconic Photographs by Steve McCurry

For the TRAVELER: Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs
To fuel serious wanderlust and inspiration, this spectacular book brings together the most beautiful and evocative pictures from around the world. Warning: Having this on your coffee table may ignite a fiery passion to drop everything and take the next flight to your dream destination. A perfect staple for any travel lover.

For the MUSIC lover: Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove by Ahmir "QuestLove" Thompson and Ben Greenman
In this funky and quirky hardcover, Questlove digs deep and unearths some crucial moments in black art, hip hop, and pop culture. From growing up in the '70s as the son of a 1950s doo-wop singer, to finding his own way through the music world and co-founding the Roots, it's the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for any type of music muse.

For the SPORTS fanatic: Greatest Of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali by Taschen
Arguably the undisputed heavyweight champion of books, this remarkable tribute to the greatest sportsman of the modern era -- Muhammad Ali -- shows his status as the finest heavyweight champion to ever grace a ring. Perfect for the ultimate sports fan.

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