This tiny home was printed from a 3D printer in less than 24 hours


The concept of creating a dream home from scratch is nothing new.

From hiring a building team to an architect, it's possible to create a house exactly to your liking – It just takes a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of patience.

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If only it was easy as designing and printing a house off like a sheet of paper.

Well thanks to 3D-printing startup Apis Cor, that's looking like a legitimate possibility.

The San Francisco-based company has created the technology that allows the printing of 3D concrete walls in less than 24 hours.

Yes, less than one day – Can you say 'game changer?'

Watch the video above to see the Apis Cor printer in action.

The company successfully completed printing and laying down the walls for a 400-square-foot tiny home in Russia, which was then furnished with windows, appliances, insulated for the cold weather and of course, a roof was installed.

From start to finish, the homes cost $10,000 to complete – a sliver of the price of some tiny homes that can go for anywhere between $40-50,000.

The home is shaped circularly with a flat roof, strong enough to handle the massive snow loads and freezing cold temperatures that are characteristic of a Russian winter.

The printer itself is relatively small in size as well, measuring about 16 x 5 feet with the ability to be assembled (or disassembled) in a quick 30 minutes.

Depending on how much further the technology can be developed and perfected, the option to custom-create and build tiny homes in the US isn't a farfetched option.

Now, check out this hotel in Portland made of entirely tiny homes:

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