This tiny house boasts a walk-in closet and home office in under 250 square feet

When you're looking for a new home, it's often the exclusive features of a house that makes you more apt to purchase one.

Sometimes it's an extra bedroom, a huge backyard, a pool -- It varies on preference.

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It's probably safe to say that a home office and walk-in closet are definitely major perks for anyone, let alone someone living in a tiny home.

Thanks to this blue-door gem by Wind River Tiny Homes, it turns out you can live tiny while still having the coveted features you desire.

In just 204 square feet, the Triton manages to fit two lofts, an at-home office, living space, kitchen, bathroom and yes, a walk-in closet.

Take a look for yourself:

Set under a massive (well, in scale to the size of the home!) window, the wall-length desk offers ample space to get some work done.

All appliances and countertops are stainless steel, and shelving is all custom-made.

Exposed wood and massive windows make this place feel anything but constrictive, thanks to the outdoorsy vibe and natural lighting.

The Triton sells for $57,000.

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