The country's largest tiny home development is set to be built in Colorado


Housing developments in the United States are anything but few and far between.

From gated communities, to condominiums to cul-de-sacs, housing communities around the country are everywhere -- Yet, a community offering entirely tiny homes is rare, and in fact, essentially non-existent.

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Since tiny homes are still somewhat of a new phenomenon, there are complicated restrictions and laws that prohibit their construction and use for long-term residency.

But that's about to change in the town of Salida, Colorado, where a 19-acre development of over 200 tiny houses called "Riverview at Cleora" has been approved for construction.

The town of Salida is a popular tourist destination for all things outdoorsy, sometimes even attracting visitors for the long haul. The lack of rentals in the community creates a housing deficit, and the construction of Riverview will hopefully alleviate the issue.

Sprout Tiny Homes, the development company, explained its plans for Riverview:

"The planned development for Riverview at Cleora is 200 tiny home units; a community building with catering kitchen, exercise facility and management office; a restaurant lot overlooking the river; and 96 storage units. There are plans for a walking trail to be constructed along the length of the river, two resident parks, and numerous pedestrian walk ways, resulting in approximately 2000 square feet of common green space per pod."

Rent for each property will begin at $750 per month.

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