Is this the most expensive tiny home in America?


"SUPER COZY! SUPER LOCATION! SUPER QUIET INSIDE!" boasts an enthusiastic listing for a 315-square-foot brick dwelling in Bethesda, Maryland.

Perhaps zealous punctuation and fanatical caps-lock is the best way to sell a tiny, barely-two-story property listed at a whopping $459,000.

At $1,457 per square foot, the little starter home (or pied-á-terre for folks who like to romanticize) is on par with New York City prices, but rather high for the suburb's $423 average.

Click through to see photos of the pricey micro-digs:

Tiny homes have risen to popularity in recent years due to their mobility, low up-front costs and minimalist lifestyle. So what exactly, then, is the appeal of a half-a-million-dollar brick cabin that's hardly mobile?

Even at its high price, the home could make a great investment. Homes less than 500-square-feet, like 4905 River Road, are appreciating twice as fast as the overall market, according to The median list price of tiny homes was $119,000 in December, up 19 percent from last year, besting the overall market appreciation of 9 percent.

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