Michael Sheen named his manhood after 'The Good Fight' star Christine Baranski: See her reaction

Two years ago, Sarah Silverman made a major confession about her boyfriend, Michael Sheen: She revealed the name he gave his manhood.

"My boyfriend named his penis," she tweeted in March of 2015. "He named it 'The Great Christine Baranski.'"

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Though it's unclear why exactly Sheen decided to name his manhood after "The Good Wife" actress, the tweet nonetheless went viral.

Flash forward two years, and Christine Baranski is on "The Late Late Show" to promote her spinoff, "The Good Fight," and James Corden is asking her if she knew about Sheen's stunt.

See photos of Christine Baranski:

"I was told by Josh Charles, and it's unbelievable," she says, blushing. "I love Michael Sheen, but I don't know how I will ever meet that man and look him in the face."

Joined by a giggling Claire Danes and Jack McBrayer, Baranski goes on to say that she's going to try to take the news as a compliment.

"I just thought, 'Okay, I'm going to take this in a positive way,'" she continues. "I'm going to think it's positive: Performs well under pressure, long-lasting career, hard worker, the old reliable ... I don't know!"

Watch the moment below:

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