Louis CK clarifies Trump opinion: 'A cross crook dirty rotten lying sack of s--t' (Video)

Last year, comedian Louis CK emailed his fans to call Trump an "insane bigot" and "Hitler." On Tuesday, he updated that opinion a bit, telling Stephen Colbert that the President of the United States is "a gross crook dirty rotten lying sack of s—."

So now we've got that cleared up.

"He's not as profound as I thought he was," the stand-up comic explained to the improv guy. "I thought he was a new kind of evil, but he's just a lying sack of s—."

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"I don't think his name is 'Donald Trump,'" CK explained the extent of the lies he sees. "When he walks through a room, I'm like, 'Nahhh. Nah, you're not walking ... with your legs. Get out of here.

"Don't you want God to show up and say, 'I was just kidding, about everything,'" CK concluded.

Watch the video above.

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