How to get Rachel McAdams' Met Gala beauty look

Rachel McAdams Is a Beautiful Bridesmaid at Sister's Wedding
Rachel McAdams Is a Beautiful Bridesmaid at Sister's Wedding

Rachel McAdams stunned at this year's Met Gala. In a gold sequin Valentino gown with a bold, dark purple lip, the actress looked more striking than ever on the 'Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology' red carpet.

Her bold beauty look can be attributed to her talented makeup artist (who is also her sister!), Kayleen McAdams. Dying to know everything about her process and the makeup brands she used, we called her up to find out.

Rachel McAdams' how to get her makeup look from the Met Gala
Rachel McAdams' how to get her makeup look from the Met Gala

"With the gold [dress] I liked doing the deep purple lipstick," McAdams said. "I like when people go more towards the purple edge, shade-wise. I've used it on so many shoots and it's really amazing. Super dark but still really flattering."

Having decided to make Rachel's lips the focal point, she applied the rest of the makeup around that. "I like to put a little bit of color on the lips first," McAdams said, "because it really changes the whole makeup. I actually waited and did the blush last."

"You need to get an idea of what the main focal point is going to be before you add in the other things too," the makeup artist said. "I used the lip as a kind of anchor."

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Kayleen made sure to give Rachel a look that would complement her Valentino gown in a way that the two were able to work together to create a seamless yet bold aesthetic from head to toe.

"For inspiration, the dress is usually the starting point for me," McAdams said. "I liked that it wasn't a bright gold. It was a deep, rich, almost tarnished gold, so I wanted to keep the makeup sort of in those deeper tones to make it look a little more vintage and a little more vampy."

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'Vampy,' we thought, was the perfect word to describe Rachel's makeup. But where did this dark lipstick trend come from? While Rachel certainly rocked it best, she wasn't the only celeb to hit the Met Gala with a super dark lip.

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"It was kind of a look a little bit in the '20s, but it's something that really seems to have gained traction over the last year or two and doesn't seem to be going away," McAdams said. "To me, it feels very modern but still classic, and really flattering on a lot of women."

Who knew such a gothic look could look so great on our favorite blonde bombshells?!

They key beauty products Kayleen used on Rachel (including that incredible purple lipstick!) were the following: NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint, NARS Orgasm Blush and NARS Liv Audacious Lipstick.

See photos of other celebs who rocked the dark lipstick look at this year's Met Gala below:

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