Ariz. family accused of shoplifting $15K worth of clothes

Ariz. Family Accused Of Shoplifting $15K Worth Of Clothes
Ariz. Family Accused Of Shoplifting $15K Worth Of Clothes

Police arrested five people in Phoenix on charges of shoplifting more than $15,000 worth of clothes from different retailers -- and it's the suspects' relationship that's making headlines.

ABC reports that the police say the suspects are from the same family. As FOX NEWS says, the family that shoplifts together is arrested together.

Officials from the Phoenix Police Department say that the suspects had worked together to steal clothes, mostly lingerie, from retailers starting as far back as November of last year.

Officers arrested them Friday in their home where they found clothing items with tags and security devices still attached. Police say that the family used the stolen items to trade for drugs or to sell in yard sales held almost weekly.

According to, police began monitoring the family in June and continued surveillance after finding some of the stolen items in one of the family's yard sales.

Police believe hat the mother is the alleged ring leader - telling the others what she wants them to steal while another drives. They say other family members distracted store employees.

One was allegedly seen on surveillance footage pepper spraying a security guard to escape during a shoplifting spree.

The suspects are facing a number of charges including fraud schemes, aggravated robbery and organized theft, among others. Police are also investigating whether the family was involved in thefts in other parts of Arizona.

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