Here's the most popular attraction in the world, according to TripAdvisor

Already planning out your vacation days for 2020? Don't waste your PTO days or airplane miles on anything less than these popular international destinations.

TripAdvisor has evaluated its data from 2019 and revealed the most popular attractions around the world. And let us just say, these hotspots are inspiring major wanderlust. While only three US destinations made the top 10 cut, each destination on the list is enviable — and more renowned than the next.

“Iconic and historic sites from around the world will always be popular destinations for travelers, but they’re popular for a reason,” said Laurel Greatrix, a TripAdvisor spokesperson.

“These are some of the most historic and memorable sites in the world. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, there are plenty of interesting ways to see these sites, like an underground tour of the Colosseum, a family treasure hunt at the Louvre, or even a prime view of the Pope’s weekly address."

Whether you're a history maven or adrenaline junkie, let these hotspots inspire your next vacation. Scroll through above to see what made the travel company's list! How many can you check off?