Tom Brady reacts to crucial non-touchdown call against Chiefs: 'It doesn't happen very often'

A dejected Tom Brady with a tightly wrapped throwing arm wouldn't blame the referees for his team's loss against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

The New England Patriots quarterback was asked about his apparent touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver N'Keal Harry in the fourth quarter of the 23-16 loss that was negated due to an official calling Harry out of bounds about three yards short of the goal line.

Replays clearly showed that Harry did not step out of bounds, but New England didn't have a challenge flag available to throw after challenging a different touchdown that was taken away by officials on the previous play. Referee Jerome Boger later revealed that a second official couldn't see the Harry play due to being blocked by defenders.

"It doesn't happen very often," Brady said after some hesitation when asked about the botched call. "It happened. We still had a chance, and wish we could have scored there at the end."

Harry retweeted several videos of the play as well as two photos that appear to show him keeping his feet in bounds. "The show goes on," he said in a tweet accompanying the images.

The loss to the Chiefs effectively removed the Patriots from contention for the No. 1 seed in the AFC, though the team remains in first place in the AFC East. New England next plays the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15.

See photos from the play in question: