Tom Brady addresses retirement: 'I don't know what the future holds'

Fans have long speculated about how long Tom Brady's career in the NFL can actually last – and on Wednesday, the New England Patriots quarterback admitted that he doesn't really know, either.

Brady had previously stated that he hopes to play until he's 45 or, more candidly, until he starts to suck at football. The 42-year-old's contract restructuring with the Patriots over this past offseason, however, left many wondering if this could be the last season he spends in New England or even in the league.

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During his weekly appearance on local Boston sports radio station WEEI, Brady said he doesn't know exactly how the coming months – or years – will play out for him.

"One day I'll wake up and I'll feel like, ‘OK, that'll be enough,'" he said on "The Greg Hill Show."

"When that day comes, that day comes. I don’t know if it will be after this year. I don’t know if it will be five years from now. I don’t have to determine those things right now, either. That is kind of a good part of where I am at."

Brady also raised eyebrows when he listed his family's Massachusetts home in early August, around the same time that he was in contract discussions with the Patriots.

"I think when you commit to a team for a certain amount of years, you kind of feel like your responsibility is to always fulfill the contract," the six-time Super Bowl champ said. "For me, it's been good because I'm just taking it day by day, and I'm enjoying what I have. I don't know what the future holds, and the great part is, for me, football at this point is all borrowed time. I never expected to play 20 years, and I'm playing on a great team. It's been an incredible 20 years of my life."

Brady will become a free agent at the end of the 2019 season.

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