Misprint lists Tom Brady among youngest players on Patriots roster

Brady, Tom. Six feet, four inches tall. 225 pounds. 22 years old with 20 years of NFL experience.

Wait, what?

A hysterical misprint in the New England Patriots official roster earlier this week listed the 42-year-old superstar quarterback as a full two decades younger than he actually is.

Brady noticed the error and posted a photo to his Instagram with his incorrect age circled and a message thanking the team for "finally" getting his age right:

The six-time Super Bowl champ's experience was accurately listed at 20 years, implying that the Patriots took a serious gamble on a two-year-old in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft.

Of course, as we all know, Brady turned 42 earlier this month, and with his victory over the Los Angeles Rams in February, he became the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. He has previously said he hopes to play until he's 45 – or, if you ask the Patriots, 25.

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