Melania Trump's tweet on addiction recovery backfires

Melania Trump posted a tweet about substance abuse and recovery on Friday, prompting a wave of backlash to the first lady's message.

"Sept. is Nat'l Alcohol&Drug Addiction Recovery Month," Melania's tweet read. "Together we can strengthen families&communities & beat addiction. Call: 800-662-HELP"

Quick to criticize, social media users proceeded to fire off rapid responses to the first lady's tweet -- taking aim at everything from President Trump's efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare to her previously stated commitment to address cyberbullying.

"You are right we can," one Twitter user wrote. "But the health plan your husband favors cuts out money used for the treatment of those addicted."

"I'm assuming there will be your usual follow through on such an important issue as your cyber bullying campaign," another user exclaimed.

Others directed their outrage at President Trump, saying the past eight months of his time in office have forced some to partake in recreational substance use.

Click through to see varied responses to Melania's Friday tweet:

The first lady found herself in hot water with critics earlier this week when she wore stiletto heels as she walked from the White House onto Air Force One before visiting Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's destruction. Many criticized the first lady for her fashionable yet perhaps not practical footwear, which she then changed out of before stepping off the plane in Texas.

As first lady, Melania Trump has carefully chosen when to use her own voice and social media presence to speak out on global and national issues. From the national opioid epidemic to the violence of Charlottesville, Melania Trump has spoken out on a number of issues since her husband became president -- and the first lady will soon make an announcement regarding her official agenda.

"The First Lady continues to be thoughtful about her initiatives, and we look forward to announcing something in the coming weeks,” spokesperson Stephanie Grisham recently told RealClearPolitics. "As for details of that 'something,' it is safe to say that Mrs. Trump is very focused on the health and well-being of children."

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