Melania Trump sparks backlash with outfit for Texas trip in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Melania Trump is sparking controversy, yet again, with her latest outfit.

The first lady left Washington D.C. with husband President Trump on Tuesday en route to Houston, Texas, to assess damage done by Hurricane Harvey, and her ensemble raised quite a few eyebrows. Melania wore black cropped pants, a green bomber jacket and black stilettos as she exited the White House for Marine One.

While the internet had no issues with her jacket and trousers, she came under major scrutiny for her footwear. The former model is usually seen wearing heels during public appearances -- Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin are her go-to designers -- but journalists had a field day with her shoes this time around. Many called out the first lady for her choice of footwear as she visits a city submerged in floodwaters.

"God grant me the serenity not to comment on the shoes," POLITICO writer Ben White posted on Twitter.

"Melania is wearing stilettos to a hurricane zone," a Wall Street Journal politics reporter wrote.

According to Trump's spokesperson, Melania will have a different pair of shoes that she will change into upon landing in Texas. Melania and President Trump will spend time in Corpus Christi and Austin during their trip in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Just a few weeks ago, a scathing Newsweek article called out the first lady and first daughter Ivanka for wearing stilettos. Melania have taken notice because she stepped off of Marine One after a weekend at Camp David wearing a pair of chic pink flats.

For more on Melania's controversial ensemble, watch the video above.