American and United passengers from viral videos hire same lawyer

Several airlines have been in the news recently for alleged mistreatment of customers. Several weeks ago, a United Airlines passenger was dragged off a plane due to overbooking. Last week, an American Airlines flight attendant took away a woman's baby stroller.

Now, as the Associated Press reports, these abused passengers are going to the same lawyer to fight their cases. Thomas Demetrio, from Chicago, took on David Dao's lawsuit after Dao was forced off his flight. Dao, a doctor, needed to return home to Louisville from Chicago to take care of patients.

A video of the incident went viral online soon after it happened; Dao suffered a concussion.

See other recent events from United:

Now, Demetrio will represent the mother whose baby stroller was taken away from her. A video, which also went viral, showed her crying with her child after a flight attendant violently removed the stroller.

Demetrio called the attendant "out of control." He does not know, however, if the woman plans to sue American Airlines.

The lawyer has a history of taking on airline cases. According to NBC, many have been victims of plane crashes.