Interview reveals strict rules Mike Pence and his wife have for their relationship


It hasn't been long since social media erupted over the name Mike Pence reportedly calls his wife Karen, and recently, new details about their relationship have emerged.

The second lady acts as her husband's "gut check," shield" and "prayer warrior," and she is often by his side -- sometimes with a tray of cookies.

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A profile of the vice president's wife in the Washington Post reveals the couple adheres to strict rules to preserve the sanctity of their relationship.

According to the article, Mike told the Hill in 2002 that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife. He also will not attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.

Though she is often by his side at political events, Karen has repeatedly said that one of her "hard and fast rules" is that she never weighs in on foreign policy.

The profile includes several anecdotes about the couple that prove how strong and respectful their bond is.

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Eight months into their dating relationship, Karen engraved a small gold cross with the word "yes" on it and kept it in her purse to give to him when he proposed.

A month after she began carrying the cross, Mike popped the question while they were feeding ducks together.

According to the Washington Post, he hollowed out two loaves of bread -- in one, he placed a small bottle of champagne. In the other, he hid the ring box. She found both items while tearing off pieces to feed the birds.

A local paper notes that after the proposal, the couple got the bread shellacked as a keepsake.

Since then, Karen and Mike have been inseparable.

"You can't get a dime between them," Ken Blackwell, senior fellow at the Family Research Council and a senior domestic policy adviser on the Trump transition team, told the Washington Post.

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