Mystery object stuck between Sean Spicer's teeth at presser sets Twitter on fire

Poor Sean Spicer can't seem to get it right.

First it was his "mismatched" shoes, then it was his upside down flag pin -- and now, a third faux pas has catapulted the White House press secretary back into the Twitter spotlight.

Spicer experienced an anxiety-dream-turned reality during his Monday briefing with the White House press corps.

During the nationally broadcasted conference, Spicer addressed the country with what appeared to be some sort of leafy green vegetable stuck between his teeth.

Though it seems no one gave him the heads up before he took the podium, Twitter wasted no time in calling out his unfortunate error.

Brutal comments started rolling in only moments after the briefing began.

On the bright side, we know at least one person who must be absolutely thrilled about Lettucegate.