Sean Spicer wasn't actually wearing 2 different shoes at a recent appearance

Twitter erupted on Monday when an image of Sean Spicer standing in front of the White House wearing two different colored shoes emerged.

After the White House press secretary wore an upside down flag pin to a press conference last week, social media users began worrying about him. An upside down American flag is used to call for help in situations of dire distress.

Though it seems like that incident was simply a mistake, Twitter users have been vigilantly looking at Spicer's outfits, searching for clues about his current state.

Though some thought Spicer was wearing mismatched shoes and signaling that he was distressed, it was later revealed that the press secretary was merely wearing a foot brace.

Photo: Getty

The White House has not released an official statement about what happened to Spicer's foot, but the internet has some theories: