Sean Spicer wears American flag pin upside down at press briefing

As White House press secretary Sean Spicer addressed the crowd at a press briefing on Friday, Twitter users noticed something about his outfit was a little off.

His American flag pin was upside down.

This is mildly alarming, because typically an upside down American flag is a sign of great distress. According to, people often hang flags upside down as a way to protest issues with the government.

After Spicer carried on about his business for about 10 minutes, John Roberts from FOX News alerted him to the unfortunate mistake.

Spicer was skeptical at first about the fashion advice, but he eventually returned the flag to its upright position.

See how people reacted to the incident:

Twitter reacts to Sean Spicer's upside down pin
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Twitter reacts to Sean Spicer's upside down pin
sean spicer's flag pin is upside down lol #PressBriefing
Sean Spicer's flag pin is upside down. If someone in Obamas administration did this ....
Maybe it's a shadow or something, but is Sean Spicer's flag pin upside down?
hoping spicer's upside down flag pin today isn't a signal of distress
Who wore it better? #SeanSpicer
Sean Spicer's American flag pin is upside down. Upside down flag is a distress symbol. Headline: Metaphor Delivers Press Conference.
Sean Spicer welcomes us into a new American era, upside down #PinGate.
Hoping Spicer's flag pin is @HouseofCards plug...
Sean Spicer signaling distress at today's presser.
Spicer fixes flag pin after @OMAROSA comes out and delivers a note about it
Sean Spicer's pin is literally all of us.
Spicer's flag pin is upside down indicating that the country is in distress! Was that a fruedian slip, or an admiss…
@RoguePOTUSStaff Upside-down flag is a sign of distress. Is Spicer trying to subtly tell us something?
Wearing the flag upside down, eh #Spicer ? A little unpatriotic wouldn't you say? LOL #cnn #whpressbriefing…
Fun with Flags, with your host Sean Spicer.
This is a universal sign of distress. Obviously Spicer is desperately calling for help. Save Sean!
Spicer Turns Country Upside Down in Press Briefing
I see Sean Spicer finally sent out his silent cry for help.
*Sees Sean Spicer wore his flag pin upside down during a press conference* *Grabs popcorn, runs to Twitter*
Sean Spicer now sending subliminal cries for help

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