Princess Charlotte borrows Uncle Harry's red shoes from 1986

The royal family has already touched down in Berlin as of Wednesday to kick off the second part of their five-day tour of Poland and Germany -- but everyone is still making keen observations about their arrival in Poland on Monday.

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For starters, it wasn't lost on anyone that Prince George wasn't as excited for the trip as his little sister seemed to be (he even looked sleepy upon landing in Berlin on Wednesday). Plus, George's outfit looked a bit different than usual on Monday because he wasn't wearing knee socks (gasp!).

Take a peek at their tour so far:

Now, people are buzzing about the red shoes bubbly Charlotte was wearing. As it turns out, they are hand-me-downs -- from her Uncle Harry! Prince Harry rocked the shoes back in 1986 at Highgrove House and in a portrait taken at Kensington Palace, and now the Princess of Cambridge is bringing them back.

See both Charlotte and Harry wearing the shoes:

This isn't an unusual instance, either. Prince George's style has often mimicked Prince William's as a child, and as the Telegraph notes, "Many items of royal clothing are carefully preserved, stored away afterwards for potential exhibits, but also in case anyone from the Royal family may wish to reuse them."

So, to all those younger siblings out there who never wanted hand-me-downs (we've been there), are you changing your tune?