Prince George's outfit looked a bit different than usual upon arrival in Poland

When Prince George arrived in Poland with his parents and little sister on Monday, everyone couldn't help but notice how less than thrilled he looked (while Charlotte was essentially a social butterfly). But that wasn't all. People also noticed that he had ditched a signature style of his (or, you know, mama Middleton ditched it).

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We all know Prince George essentially always wears shorts (apparently, it's a "silent class marker"), and they're usually paired with knee socks. However, on Monday, George "graduated from knee socks," as People phrased it.

Naturally, we did some digging to find all the times little George has sported socks. And while this isn't the first time he hasn't worn them to his knees, it has seemingly been a year since he strayed. Plus, since the soon-to-be 4-year-old is getting so tall, it's more noticeable than ever.

Have a look:

Let's face it, though: Either way, the little guy couldn't be any cuter.