Mark Consuelos always gives his guests ‘care packages'


Mark Consuelos is a bit all over the place right now -- but in the best way possible. The actor's work is taking him all over the world, including New Mexico and Vancouver (where his family recently visited him for a picture-perfect vacation as he films season 2 of "Riverdale").

However, wherever he is, he always tries to make it feel like home -- and he says shopping at Marshalls helps him do just that.

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"Marshalls is great," Consuelos told AOL Lifestyle while referencing the store's ongoing dedication to surprising its customers. "You go in there for something, and you get that and a whole lot more."

Mark is no stranger to the element of surprise, either. After all, he and his famous wife, Kelly Ripa, love delighting their guests with the unexpected.

"We have a place in Colorado, and having family there is really exciting for us, because it takes them out of their normal [experiences]," Consuelos explained to us. "What we like to do is give them little care packages or gift baskets to kind of tee up their weekend or long week with us. It's our way of welcoming people, because hopefully they'll come back."

Uhm, if they don't go back, we'll happily take their place!

See photos of the couple's Colorado home:

Unsurprisingly, Mark and Kelly work best as a team, which is a lesson Mark learned when he hosted a "little barbecue" at his place in Vancouver recently.

"I didn't have my wife with me -- and I don't think I'm a great host," the actor said with a laugh." I was trying to do 10 different things at the same time, [and] something was missing."

"My wife's amazing," he continued. "Whether it's a barbecue or 10 o'clock at night, after dinner when people come over, a cheese platter comes out of nowhere. That's her thing, and I'll just be cooking up whatever needs to be done. I was missing my right hand the other day."

Two words: Couple goals.

See Mark and Kelly through the years: