Ivanka Trump put marshmallows on hot dogs, and people don't know how to feel

Sean Dowling

Famous people: they're just like us!

Ivanka Trump celebrated her daughter's 6th birthday party with balloons, presents and hot dogs. However, there was one unique difference. Her hot dogs appeared to be topped with marshmallows!

The Instagram story she shared had people confused on social media:

However, it turns out that the dish isn't that odd at all.

According to Yahoo, Delish and a little internet sleuthing, it seems Ivanka took a page out of the Filipino cookbook.

It's a Filipino dish that's commonly served at children's birthday parties. A salty and sweet combo, if you will.

Ivanka jokingly captioned the shot, "Keeping it healthy."

Another form of the dish calls for Filipino hot dogs and marshmallows, served with spaghetti in a sauce of sweet banana ketchup and condensed milk, according to Yahoo.

Ivanka did serve spaghetti, but it looks like it's got marinara sauce instead.

As for the hot dogs on skewers topped with marshmallows, mystery solved!

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