Queen Elizabeth II will supposedly only wear one nail polish color

At this point, we know a lot about Queen Elizabeth II. We know what she eats in a day, that she won't travel without cake, that she loves a good bold-colored coat (and hat) and that she uses her handbags to send secret signals to her staff.

Now, this just in: she seemingly only wears one nail polish color, and it's essie's Ballet Slippers. And it's only $9.

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According to essie's website, in 1989, "Queen Elizabeth's hairdresser [sent] essie a letter requesting ballet slippers - the only color Her Majesty would wear." Ballet Slippers is a perfectly pale and understated pink, so we understand why the queen would opt for it (especially given the vibrance of her attire).

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She's not the only fan, either. As Insider points out, Miranda Priestly of "The Devil Wears Prada" approves, too.


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