Pippa Middleton's pre-wedding diet may actually be dangerous

Pippa Middleton's pre-wedding diet is one you've most likely never heard of before.

According to E!, the 33 year old is a fan of the Sirtfood diet, which concentrates on 20 foods that help to speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

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These foods include strawberries, kale, arugula, red wine, cocoa, walnuts, strawberries and coffee. They are high in polyphenols, which supposedly help activate a person's "skinny genes."

But don't be fooled, it gets a little wild.

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The diet is broken down into two phases. Week one requires you to only consume 1,000 calories a day for the first three days, through three Sirtfood juices and one meal a day. Then, you consume 1,500 calories a day with two juices and two meals for the rest of week one.

Next follows a "maintenance" phase where you can eat three SirtFood meals and one juice a day.

Dietitian Brigitte Zeitlin told The Cut that the diet is actually quite dangerous, saying, "It's unhealthy and unsafe to eat below 1,200 calories a day."

She added that after a person gets off of the diet, they are probably going to gain the weight back again.

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