Monique Lhuillier describes the exact wedding dress style Pippa Middleton 'should' wear

Monique Lhuillier debuted her Spring 2018 collection last Friday -- and she went back to basics.

"I was feeling volume this season, and grandness. Also, back to classics, back to tradition," Lhuillier told AOL Lifestyle immediately after the show in the Weill Music Room in Carnegie Hall. "I didn't want so much skin this season. It felt right to be covered with the gloves, and [I wanted to] bring that timelessness back."

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The "more exaggerated" gowns, as she refers to them, did exactly what the longtime designer presumably intended them to do -- they stole the show. The last look, in particular, was our personal favorite, and Lhuillier revealed to us that part of the reason it closed the show was because it was too grand to have it backstage any sooner (and no, it wasn't her favorite -- she can't pick!).

Take a peek at every single look in the gallery above.

Perhaps the best part about Lhuillier's collection is that essentially every single dress is wearable. It's no wonder that several celebrities have turned to her for their big day. And as for her thoughts on Pippa Middleton's upcoming nuptials (we had to ask!), she has a vision: "I think she should wear long sleeves. I don't think it should be lace like her sisters, but there's something that's so regal and elegant [about] sheer sleeves. I think something closer to the body -- maybe trumpet, perhaps. That's what I see."

Aside from being a renowned bridal designer, Lhuillier is also a red carpet favorite -- but if you can believe it, there's one famous actress she hasn't gotten a chance to work with yet.

"I would love to dress Nicole Kidman," she said after the shortest of pauses.

That would be a match made in heaven, if you ask us.