Sachin of Sachin & Babi predicts Pippa Middleton won't follow in sister Kate's footsteps for wedding

Sachin of Sachin & Babi predicts Pippa Middleton won't follow in sister Kate's footsteps for wedding

Husband and wife designers Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia have been working together for decades, ever since meeting at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City 20 years ago. Over the years, they've founded three (yes, three!) companies together, one of them being their successful womenswear label, Sachin & Babi (which, yes, includes swoon-worthy bridal gowns).

AOL Lifestyle had the pleasure of chatting with the talented duo right before their Spring/Summer 2018 bridal show at the NoMo Soho Hotel in NYC Wednesday -- and when we asked how they've maintained both a healthy professional and personal relationship through the years, Sachin said with a laugh, "It's like war and peace."

Babi chimed in, saying, "It's just a simple journey with friends -- with the dearest friend."

The designers labor over each and every collection for three long months, so there's bound to be a squabble here and there. But for the most part, they seem to have their distinct roles down pat.

"It depends on the season, to be really honest," Babi admits. "Some seasons, if it's really ethereal and light, I come up with the talking points. Sachin's the maestro behind design, which is always the case. But if I get super excited about some fabrics, then I'll stomp my feet."

And if you're looking for a message in the couple's collections, look to the first and last looks of the show.

See all of the breathtaking looks from their Spring/Summer 2018 show in the gallery above.

Though Sachin called their last look "playful" (read: a mini shift dress embroidered with raised silk chiffon strips and layered with a floor-length tulle skirt), he explains that there's a traditional foundation on which he and Babi always rely (read: traditional ball gowns, each with their own level of intricacy) for the sake of the women donning their designs:

"[Women] want to challenge themselves. They want to try newness, they want to have fun with it, but at the same time, they do still want something in terms of structure and fit. Where, listen, [they] know it works, [they] know where to wear it, [they] know what to do with it -- and we make sure there's enough of that in the collection that when she looks at it, she feels secure and she's like, 'Okay, I know where I'm going in that dress.'"

Now, we won't lie, more often than not, we look at the high-end designs that come down the runway, say we love them, but admit we would never be able to pull them off. That's the last thing Sachin wants. "I want women to look at [a dress of ours] and understand and see themselves in it." Let's just say we saw ourselves in a fair few of the gowns that made it down the runway Wednesday (looks 10 and 12 in the gallery above were our runaway favorites).

Before we let the design duo go and bask in the beauty of what they created, we couldn't not ask the question on every fashion lover's mind: What will Pippa Middleton wear on her wedding day on May 20?

Well, Sachin thinks he knows what she won't be wearing.

"I think she'll try to pave her own path. I don't see her following her sister's path. I think she's one who's going to have her own identity. And I hope she does. I think she's already a fashion icon, so I think we're going to be in for a good surprise."

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