Sisters already? Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's similar styles


At this point, everyone assumes that Meghan Markle will be royalty before we know it (people have even started speculating what she'd be called if she and Prince Harry were to wed). The duo seems to be going strong (Harry was even just photographed visiting her ahead of Easter), so there's no reason to believe he won't propose in the near future ... right?

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Well, if Markle's style is any indication, she's ready to step into the role. In fact, it seems as though she and Duchess Kate Middleton are already style sisters. Though Middleton may turn to slightly more conservative ensembles as a duchess, the two have similar tendencies (red, lace and timeless styles are their go-tos). Perhaps the "Suits" actress looked to the royal mom for inspiration before she even met Harry?

If stars truly are just like us, we bet she did.

Scroll through below to see some of their similar styles:

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