Festival attire: Everything you need to attend Coachella in style

Festival season is upon us, with Coachella kicking off at the end of the week -- on Friday, April 14, to be exact. And anyone who knows anything about music festivals knows that the fashion is equally as important as the performances themselves (some may even say it's more important). The lineup is pretty stellar this year, though (Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar, anyone?).

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With that in mind, we rounded up some of our favorite festival style must-haves. From floral, fringe, feathers and pom poms to crop tops and rompers, we want.it.all. And trust us, even if you're not attending a festival in the near future, spring fever will get to you, and you'll be just as tempted to shop 'til you drop (or, in this case, until your credit card gets tired). Sorry, not sorry!

Without further ado: