New Hampshire named the best state to retire

If you've worked five days a week for 35 years while raising a family, you've definitely earned that retirement in Hawaii.

Sun, naps in the sun, playing cards in the sun and hanging loose in the sun is certainly the way to go. Well, that's until you find out what the cost of an apt in Oahu goes for.

"What people think they want in retirement may not end up being what serves them best over the long run," said the company Bankrate.

They surveyed non-retired adults in the U.S. on their retirement plans and found that as people got older, they were less and less willing to move somewhere new for retirement. The survey had people rank categories -- including cost of living, healthcare quality, crime, culture, weather and well-being -- as either really important or not so much.

See the top 10 states for retirees below: