Your eyes could signal a major health problem

As it turns out, your eyes could be raising some major red flags about your health, according to Dr. Oz The Good Life.

From high cholesterol to diabetes, the signals your peepers could be sending are no joke -- so check out a few of the major warning signs below:

Red Flags Eyes Could Raise
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Red Flags Eyes Could Raise

If you find your eyes twitching more than usual, it might be a sign to take a chill pill. Twitching is usually caused by stress.


Twitching is also the result of not getting enough shut-eye, especially when it’s paired with puffiness. Not that you need us to say this, but sleep is important. So, the old 7 to 9 hours is really important when it comes to your eyes.


When you’re getting ready in the morning, look closer. If you see a subtle white halo around your iris -- which is the color part of your eye -- it might mean your cholesterol is too high.


If you can’t see any of these symptoms because your vision is totally blurred, then that’s a problem in itself. Blurry vision could be a sign of diabetes.

Or, you’ve spent too much time staring at a computer screen. Yes, your mother is right, too much screen-time can be a bad thing. Step away from the Netflix and get your eyes checked! 


Though this is not really something you can catch yourself, your eyes could indicate if your blood pressure is too high. Keep up with your eye doctor visits to manage this one.



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