Anorexia survivor shares jaw-dropping side-by-side photos of her recovery


When Amateur MMA fighter Fee Chrystall was just 18 years old, doctors told her and her mother that she was a lost cause.

Gripped by anorexia nervosa at the tender age of 11, a now 25-year-old Chrystall says medical professionals assumed she had the disease for "so long and was so far gone that I would probably always be a chronic anorexic."

But amazingly, Chrystall defied all expectations and began her recovery journey shortly after being given that grim prognosis.

Earlier this month, she shared an incredible side-by-side photo on her Instagram, highlighting the incredible progress she has made.

"Ive never shown anyone the photo on the left apart from my family and close friends," she wrote alongside the shocking image. "And I know its not pretty but be kind and bear with me!"

Chrystall told Bleacher Report she estimates that at one point, her 5'3" frame weighed as little as 66 pounds.

Though she acknowledges her battle with anorexia will never fully be over, she said that MMA fighting has proven to be the healthy outlet she needed to channel her "super-competitive," "all-or-nothing" attitude.

"I put the emphasis now on being strong and fit and healthy, rather than looking like a skeleton," she told Bleacher Report. "I still have these thoughts, but in a place where I can logically battle them."

Chrystall offered up some words of encouragement on her Instagram post for people affected by eating disorders who feel like recovery is impossible.

"At no point does recovery become unacheivable (sic)," she wrote. "It is possible and it is wonderful."

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, contact the National Eating Disorder Association's help hotline.

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