'DWTS' pro explains why she'll be watching this season from the comfort of her (newly transformed) home


Before the Season 24 cast of "Dancing with the Stars" was announced Wednesday morning, a couple of pros took to their social media accounts the evening before to give their fans a heads up that they wouldn't be competing this time around.

One of those pros was former competitor and "So You Think You Can Dance" alum Allison Holker, who made her "DWTS" return last season with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds after giving birth to her son Maddox, with her husband Stephen "tWitch" Boss in March 2016. They even announced their pregnancy on "DWTS" itself in 2015.

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"Hey guys, I wanted to be the first to reach out to all my family, friends and fans to say that I will not be returning to DWTS this season. I truly adore my DWTS family, It's all love and I'm so excited for all of the competitors who are participating this season." she wrote, in part, on Tuesday night.

When AOL Lifestyle spoke to both Holker and Boss shortly after the cast was announced on Wednesday, Holker explained why she'll be watching from the comfort of her (newly transformed) L.A. home:

"This season is going to be a really exciting season, and I'm so supportive of everyone on the show. I actually watched the reveal on 'GMA' today, and some of the celebrities on the show, I'm very, very excited about watching. I have my own favorites. I'm not going to reveal who I'm excited to watch yet -- I'm going to do that a little bit later as I'm watching the show. But I think I already have an idea of who my favorites are, already. So I'm very, very excited. But my husband and I, we actually have quite a few side projects that we've started to work on that we really wanted to diligently focus on."

The side projects, or "passion projects," as Holker also referred to them, include a clothing line, called Boss Empire (look out for that over the next few months!), a costume line, a jewelry line and even an online dance studio (which Boss says has been a "baby" of theirs for a while now).

With all of these exciting projects on their plate, we have a feeling which space they'll be treating as their office -- the L.A. home that they just partnered with HomeGoods to transform. Seriously, they insist they never want to leave.

Take a look inside:

"You know, we actually had owned [this] home for quite some time before we actually had HomeGoods come into our house, and I was doing my best to be the proper woman of the house -- really decorating everything -- and then I kind of realized that this is not my profession," the dancing pro admitted.

"[HomeGoods] really saw what I was trying to do and my kind of look and quality -- but they just did it better."

Boss, who laughed when I asked if he gave any design input, echoed his wife's sentiments, saying, "They have really perfected the feeling of home in this place."

Their favorite spots in the house, you ask?

Well, Boss raved about the living room ("The naps on this couch [are] incredible. It's rare that I can find a couch that I can actually roll over on.") -- and Holker is absolutely smitten with baby Maddox's room ("It's somewhere so special for us to bond at night.").

The couple even credits HomeGoods for helping them turn their home into a wellness haven. Not only do they often turn the space into an obstacle course to stay active, but Boss says he's kicked many a cold thanks to Turmeric powder from the store's wellness department.

Their kids are already following in their health-conscious footsteps, too -- specifically 8-year-old Weslie.

"Sometimes people try to give her sugary foods, and she says, 'Oh I might get a tummy ache from that.'"

BRB while I reevaluate my eating habits.

And for all the "DWTS" fans out there, you can rest easy knowing Holker will likely grace your TV screens again. The dancing mom of two promises, "This isn't the end for [me on] 'Dancing with the Stars.'"