Here's the secret use behind the diamond-shaped patches on backpacks


Whether you've noticed it or not, these diamond-shaped patches are actually fairly common patchwork on backpacks. The outlet or pig snout-shaped design is sewn onto most Herschel and a lot of Eastport bags. Interestingly enough, the patchwork is not just for an aesthetic purpose!


Some people already know it can be used to secure extra items to your backpack. It's called a lash tab, and historically, it was utilized by hikers and mountain climbers. "Originally, it was designed to carry an ice ax," said Jamie Cormack, co-founder of Herschel, to Today Style.

Mountain climbers would thread mesh webbing through the slots and hang their ax. It evolved to include water bottles, rope and other items. "But no matter what it is they are attaching, it would be something the person needs quick access to and thus the lashing square, so it's on the outside of the pack," confirmed Ann Daw from JanSport, to Today Style.

The patch is made out of leather instead of plastic or cloth, which may freeze easier. While many of Herschel's consumers probably don't need to use the lash tabs for ice axes, the design continues today as a nod to the company's history.

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