Zoos across the country are in an epic Twitter feud over which one has the cutest animals

Stop what you're doing. This is important.

Zoos across the United States are in a Twitter battle over which zoo houses the cutest animals. #Cuteanimaltweetoff is trending on Twitter after one user saw an opportunity for the social media battle of the century.

It all began when the Smithsonian's National Zoo tweeted about the birth of one of their seal pups.

Who knew that such a cute, fuzzy little face could cause so much drama?

Twitter user Sarah Hill decided to instigate the battle one tweet.

Then, the Virginia Aquarium tweeted back with a picture of one of their orangutans. "Do you fold yet? #challengeaccepted," they wrote.

Before you knew it, the claws came out. Zoos from Atlanta to Washington to the Bronx brought their tiniest and most adorable faces to social media. Major shade was thrown. This was a big title, after all.

Whether it was a baby elephant, sloth or alligator, the nation's zoos brought their A game.

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#Cuteanimaltweetoff trends on Twitter
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#Cuteanimaltweetoff trends on Twitter
@SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @ZooATL @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami #cuteanimaltweetoff? Bam: an… https://t.co/duzrrPTt6Z
@BronxZoo @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @ZooATL @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami We aren't backing… https://t.co/7TZmSjL4gR
@VAAquarium @BronxZoo @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami So little! (Ph… https://t.co/xxquVzCEfK
@ZooATL @VAAquarium @BronxZoo @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami *mic drop*… https://t.co/wrx4llI8U6
@phillyzoo @VAAquarium @BronxZoo @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami Who's this "mi… https://t.co/ZCOGGWtrpg
.@ZooATL @phillyzoo @VAAquarium @BronxZoo @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @zoomiami Not sure who Mic… https://t.co/hvnmUduFv2
@PhoenixZoo @ZooATL @phillyzoo @VAAquarium @BronxZoo @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @zoomiami Mom cuddles a… https://t.co/oWeQqdJseX
.@sfzoo @PhoenixZoo @ZooATL @phillyzoo @VAAquarium @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @zoomiami Agreed.… https://t.co/Dd0NvoNPDM
.@BronxZoo @sfzoo @ZooATL @phillyzoo @VAAquarium @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @zoomiami Had to grab a sna… https://t.co/j0tHKYKikV
.@BronxZoo @sfzoo @ZooATL @phillyzoo @VAAquarium @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @zoomiami Wouldn't be compl… https://t.co/5efvtznUoP
@SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @BronxZoo @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami We're always down for a… https://t.co/ckgZDStxL6
@SarahJanetHill @Judy80sforever @ZooATL @VLMuseum @BronxZoo @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @phillyzoo @zoomiami Alright... it… https://t.co/ZzA1vTdiDE
@ZooATL @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @BronxZoo @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami angel panda! https://t.co/CfvWM53tzj
@ZooATL @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @BronxZoo @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami confused that why… https://t.co/hREZScdTpI
We'll just leave this little bit #squee right here. #cuteanimaltweetoff https://t.co/NxdiduKq5z
We see you, @TNAquarium. Meet Megatron the rescue seal. #CuteAnimalTweetOff https://t.co/3HjLY70RzT
@NatlAquarium Megatron always makes us 😀...a lot like this leucistic baby alligator. #CuteAnimalTweetOff https://t.co/Hx8lhRLuvS
@NatlAquarium @TNAquarium @SarahJanetHill @MontereyAq What's cuter than a sea lion boop? #CuteAnimalTweetOff https://t.co/w8tLtiN3sc
This competition is fierce, @GeorgiaAquarium. But how about a handful of baby snapping turtles? #CuteAnimalTweetOff https://t.co/3uT31srKux
@NatlAquarium Adorable? Yes. But we think our sleepy sea otter sets the cute standard preeeeetty high. 😊… https://t.co/qzohN3q9fO
.@VAAquarium Yawn. https://t.co/szDSpmWnud

We'll let you decide the winner.

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