People cannot get over this bread personality quiz

Do personality quizzes ever work? Is there ever any logic behind them?

They're like horoscopes. You say you don't believe them, but as soon as you read yours, you can't help but agree. You look at the words under your sign and immediately, you're like:


One Twitter user posted a quiz that matches your personality to bread. Even though the tweet was posted in September, people still can't get enough of it.

You're a bagel if you miss your mom, a breadstick if you eat breakfast for dinner and a pita if you love traveling. There's not so much logic behind it, but we can't help agree with a lot of them!

Scroll through to see funny cakes:

Apology Cakes
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Apology Cakes
Photo Credit: Imgur
Maybe the next top-selling card? #cakewrecks
Omg #cakefails #cakewrecks
Image Credit: Reddit
How I chose to apologise 💝 @darci_louise #mybad #sorrycake 🍰🎂
Photo Credit: Imgur
In case anybody was wondering...I was the fajita culprit. But I think I fixed it. #ApologyCake
Cannot believe rach has just had to make this cake #disbelief #apologycake #findingthiswaytoofunny
Photo Credit: Honest Cakes
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Vulgar Cakes
Photo Credit: Vulgar Cakes
Photo Credit: Vulgar Cakes

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