6 times Donald Trump has been made out of food

Many were happy that Donald Trump was elected president and many were mad. But some reacted in a way foodies will love — they "made" Trump out of food. "Why?" one might ask. Well, that's a good question — but it happened, so here it is.

Scroll through to see 6 times Donald Trump was made out of food:
6 times Donald Trump has been made out of food
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6 times Donald Trump has been made out of food

1. Fish Donald

Who would have thought to make Trump out of SALMON. Why is this so accurate? Is it the skin tone or the hair? I can't tell what's his lip and what is his chin — but the eyebrows have great detail.  

2. Baby Carrot Donald

This food sculpture captures Trump in a very minimalist way. I wonder exactly how long it took this person to perfect Donald's hair with hummus. It looks effortless but I believe this took some serious time to accurately sculpt.

3. Circus Peanut Donald

Of all the candies this person could have chosen to use, why did they choose a circus peanut? Was it the skin tone or the shape that lead them to believe this was the perfect canvas to create Donald Trump?  

4. Pig-in-a-blanked Donald

This looks like it took a long time to create and I appreciate their hard work. The mustard hair is accurately Donald's shape and shade. The onion collar in this one adds a nice touch and completes this creation. 

5. Steak Donald 

That is one angry steak and potatoes if you ask me! The artist used the potatoes in this one to carefully sculpt Trump's hair, eyebrows, and nose with a lot of detail.  

6. Mexican Food Donald

Who knew you could be so crafty with salsa? 


I'm sure the real Donald Trump would give all six food sculptures a double thumbs up. These Trump foods made my day great again and I hope they made yours, too.


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