3 most unique drive-in theaters that you can still go to in America

In the Netflix era, taking a trip to a movie theatre has become almost a thing of the past — or, at least, if movie-goers are going to make the effort to leave the couch, it must be in comfort.

Luxury movie theaters with perks like reclining seats, meal-service and alcohol continue are more popular than ever, and viewers' expectations of accommodations have increased in accordance.

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Drive-in movie theaters may not be a new concept, but they certainly take the convenience factor to new heights. And just like regular cinemas, the drive-in varieties are also getting major upgrades — everything from riding in on animals to kicking back in anything BUT your old pick-up truck.

Wanting to give the outdoor-comfort feel a try before the credits roll on the end of summer?

Check out these can't miss drive-in spots that are anything but basic:

Jeeps, horses and dine-in services are only a few elements that make these Friday night go-tos unparalleled experience.

So whether you have to make a trip to reach one of these spots or they're close to where you'll already be on-holiday, leave the Netflix and blanket nights for the colder months and make the most of your summer viewing experience while you still can.

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