Converted school bus rental in California offers yoga on a private ranch

Tiny living is as commonplace as ever, with many homeowners and renters offering even more innovative ways to transform unorthodox areas into living spaces.

Hot on that list? Surprisingly enough, school buses.

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If you're not ready to step behind the driver's seat (pun intended) of living "small," why not try it out first?

Dubbed the "Magic School Bus Adventure" by its owners, a converted short school bus in Salinas, Calif., has been listed on Airbnb for a short-term or vacation rental -- and it definitely lives up to its name. Controllable, color-changing LED lights line the entire interior of the living area, making this otherwise ordinary mode of transportation look like something out of outer space.

Take a look at the bus and the surrounding property here:

The bus lies within a private bamboo garden on a five-acre ranch in rural California, which the owners describe as "a private drive, a bit off the beaten track."

Keep in mind, this is a school bus after all — so if you're looking to use the bathroom or get access to WiFi, you're going to have to trek it to the main house to relive yourself.

You're also welcome to breakfast and 6:30 am Kudalini yoga (#zen) each morning, compliments of your hosts.

The bus itself contains a giant queen-sized bed and central seating area with a glass table.

So while this may not be the ideal vacation stay for glamour, it's pretty much the nature escape of your social media dreams — so much so that the bus even has its own Instagram account.


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