Where does the poop go? Your tiny home sewage questions, answered

When embracing tiny living, many new homeowners don't consider all the "crap" that goes into owning a petite property.

Sewage might not be top of mind when embracing the romanticism of a simpler, Marie Kondo-inspired lifestyle, but it should be if you want to avoid a potentially -- dare we say -- shitty situation down the road.

For those in the market for a small, stationary space, congratulations! Your solution is relatively simple. You can -- and should -- hook up your home to city sewage or a septic tank.

Not surprisingly, options get a bit trickier those looking for mobile, off-the-grid living. Because nothing takes the fun out of nature quite like when nature calls.

The most common sewage system for mobile tiny homes is the RV low-flush toilet with a holding tank, which use minimal water, but generate blackwater which needs to be emptied. These typically run in the $100-$200 range plus the cost of installing a holding tank and an extra few bucks to chemically treat the waste for odor and bacteria.

If you have a healthier budget, many suggest splurging on a composting toilet, which don't require much water at all and turns waste into compost. Typically $900-$2,000, it's perhaps the best option for those living off-the-grid as it doesn't require trips to RV dump stations.

On the other side of the spectrum, penny-pinchers also have a decent option. Camping toilets, usually sold under the $100 mark, don't require any water and hold waste in a container similar to a port-a-potty. It's not the sexiest option, but hey, there's always Poo-Pourri!

Check out beautiful tiny homes across the country:

Beautiful tiny homes for sale
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Beautiful tiny homes for sale
This delightful cottage hugs the Massachusetts coastline. It includes new wood floors, stone countertops, and a roof deck perfect for soaking up the sun.

Address: 423 Commercial St., Provincetown, MA

Price: $1.2 million

Photo: Estately

This rustic artist's retreat sits on nine acres of California hills where the previous owners cultivated Japanese Maple trees. It includes a workshop and two offices.

Address: 3885 Cavedale Rd., Glen Ellen, CA

Price: $1.2 million

Photo: Estately

Who says a tiny house has to be on land? This houseboat situated in northern Idaho spares no amenities. It has a full kitchen and two and half baths.

Address: 34179 N Scenic Bay, Bayview, ID

Price: $80,000

Photo: Estately

A cottage made with care, this tiny home features windows made from mahogany wood and recycled furnishings. It's perched on a grassy knoll in Vermont.

Address: 563 Ridge Rd., Kirby, VT

Price: $120,000

Photo: Estately

A new take on the tiny house, this Victorian-style home in California is designated as historic, but has been remodeled for a more contemporary look.

Address: 142 19th St., Pacific Grove, CA

Price: $850,000

Photo: Estately

Known as the "round house" on the St. Joe River, this circular tiny house stretches just 450 square feet. The covered patio is perfect for shaded picnics.

Address: 52 Lagoon Ln., St. Maries, ID

Price: $195,000

Photo: Estately

Buyers will get in touch with their inner Henry David Thoreau in this two-bedroom cabin in the California wilderness. A wood-burning stove is all the heat they'll need.

Address: 9250 Bryant Creek Rd., Twin Bridges, CA

Price: $120,000

Photo: Estately

Described as a "fly fisherman's dream," this river-front cabin in Utah is close enough to the water that you can cast a line from the front porch.

Address: 13581 E 1950 N, Huntsville UT

Price: $249,000

Photo: Estately

A tiny home fit for any storybook-lover, this peaceful cabin manages to squeeze a stone fireplace, a hot tub, and a master bedroom into 577 square feet.

Address: 160 Timerwinds, Townsend, TN

Price: $115,000

Photo: Estately


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